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Default Rule (Pat Pape   May 16)

1)   The default time is 15 minutes

2)   The default time can be modified with the mutual agreement of the two team Captains.

3)   Any Default must be made at the lowest position (ie: line 4 for the Evening Division, line 3 for the Day Division)

If you are playing a match where there is a player who has not arrived, no matches should commence until the default has been settled unless the potential default is in the lowest line.

Under no circumstances can a set be given to a team as a penalty.  


To Add Players to your Rosters (Pat Pape   May 7)

1)Log In, 2) Go to TEAM MANAGEMENT EDIT, 3) Go to Add users to site. 4) Input Player Name, 5) Press Add this Player.  Please do not change the following fields or you will post your player to another team: 1) Access Level, 2) Home Location, 3) Auto-Add user to this team.

Scoring (Pat Pape   Apr 27)

One point is awarded for a match won.

Captain Contact List (Pat Pape   Apr 27)

To view - log in. Then go to captain contact list.


Team Points Weeks
Mayfair Lakeshore 1 5 2/7
Rosedale Tennis Club 1 5 2/7
Granite Club 1 4 2/7
Mayfair Parkway Tennis Club 4 2/7
Toronto Lawn 1 1 2/7
Leaside Tennis Club 1 1 1/7
Donalda Club 1 1 2/7
Boulevard Tennis Club 1 0 1/7
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Week 2
May 15 - May 21, 2019
  Rosedale Tennis Club ...1
Donalda Club 1

  Mayfair Lakeshore 1
Toronto Lawn 1

  Granite Club 1
Mayfair Parkway Tenni...ub

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